Vane Separators (Chevron)

Vane Separators (Chevron)

Vane separators (chevrons / droplet separators) are largely used for the separation of coarse and viscous mist / spray (may include solid particles) from gas streams and are usually installed in towers or placed in a housing. The vane separator is a lamella type of separator consisting of specially designed vanes with a well defined geometry and can be made using variety of materials (plastic and metals), in different sizes and configurations.

Vane separators can be designed for new plants based on the required gas flow, removal efficiency, pressure drop and fouling possibilities, or can be supplied as a replacement in an existing plant where construction is as per earlier design. Two flow orientations are possible in vane separators, namely horizontal flow and vertical flow.

Chevrons or Droplet separators Vane Separator

Typical applications


Vacuum Evaporators
Cooling Towers
Packed Towers
High Pressure Separators
Knock Out Drums
Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD)


Pulp and Paper
Chemical Petrochemical
Geothermal Power Stations
Coal and Oil Power Stations
Gas Comperssion Stations

Advantages of Vane Separators

There are number of benefits to customers using Galiakotwala vane separators. Depending on their application, some or all of these benefits are realized.

Reduced Equipment Maintenance
Reduces or eliminates corrosion, plugging or fouling of downstream equipment.

Product Purity
Reduces or eliminates carry over liquid particles that may contaminate expensive product in a chemical process.

Efficient Handling of Solids And Viscous / Sticky Liquids
Can handle solids and viscous / sticky liquids that foul other type of mist eliminators. Vane separators have better drainage and are less prone to plugging.

Low Pressure Drop
Lower pressure drop than other types of mist eliminators.

Improved Process Design
By removing contaminants from gas, it eliminates the need for costly material of construction for downstream equipment and permits more efficient operating conditions.

Galiakotwala has supplied vane separators in different materials for various applications in India and abroad.