Mesh (Demister) Pads

Mesh (Demister) Pads

Mesh pads are knitted mesh blankets of metal or plastic wire. They are designed for economical and efficient removal of entrained liquid droplets from gas streams. Galiakotwala can design and fabricate them in any required size with installation in new or existing process vessels. Mesh pads are normally installed so that gas flow is upward through the pad.

Mesh Pads

Typical applications

Chemical Process Industry

Distillation and Rectification Columns
Distillation Plants for Sea Water
Gas Compression
Steam Drums

Oil and Gas Production

Amine Absorbers
Glycol dehydration

Power Generation

Desalination Plants for Sea Water
Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD)
Steam Drums

Refinery Operations

Catalytic Cracking

Speciality Mesh Pads

SX Mesh Pads

  • SX is a metallic alloy with very low corrosion in concentrated Sulphuric Acid giving it a much longer life compared to conventional materials. SX mesh pads do not have the problems of shrinkage and melting associated with PTFE, ETFE and other Fluor Polymers.
    Many Sulphuric Acid plants in India have upgraded to SX mesh pads. In a recent replacement it was found that the Galiakotwala SX mesh pad has performed satisfactorily for fourteen years.

Co-Knit Mesh Pads

  1. High Efficiency Co-Knit Mesh Pads : Very high efficiency can be achieved by this design. Long life due to the use of low corrosion material.
  2. Super Structure Co-Knit Mesh Pads : Retains corrosion resistance of Fluor Polymers overcoming shrinkage and support problems.

Galiakotwala has supplied metallic and plastic mesh pads all over the world.