Acid Coolers (Heat Exchangers)

Acid Coolers (Heat Exchangers)

Acid coolers are used for the effective transfer of heat from the acid stream to a cooling media. Galiakotwala has been manufacturing shell & tube coolers for all purposes without the need of anodic protection for the last 25 years.

Each cooler is individually designed and optimized for each set of process parameters. Acid coolers are designed in collaboration with Swedish engineers to fulfill best possible design criteria. We also manufacture these based on customer specified designs. Acid coolers are manufactured from several conventional and specialty.

Galiakotwala supplies coolers for many applications including:

  • - Concentrated acid with cooling tower water
  • - Oleum and Chlorosulphonic Acid
  • - Boiler Feed Water (BFW) preheating
  • - Sea water and high chloride cooling application

Sulphuric Acid Coolers

Advantages of Shell and Tube Alloy Acid Coolers

    Low Maintenance
    • Practically no maintenance required for these types of coolers.
    • No need of changing expensive gaskets or replacing electrical parts.
    • Requires only a periodic inspection by removing end covers to check for fouling on the waterside.
    Compact Design with Significant Reduction In Piping (Vertical Installation)
    • Can be installed vertically reducing piping requirements and lowering space requirements. Saves both capital and maintenance costs.
    • Reduces overall pressure drop, saves energy and lowers operating costs.
    Leak Free Design
    • Only two connections for process fluid, one for the inlet and the other for the outlet, minimizing possibilities of leakage.
    • The heat exchanger has an all welded construction without any gaskets or joints.
    • No possibility of acid leaking outside the cooler, operating area is very clean.
    Self Cleaning
    • Water side of the heat exchanger is self-cleaning when the right quantity of water is maintained.
    • Clearance within the tubes is much higher compared to the tight clearance between plates minimizing chances of plugging / blockage.
    Longer Life
    • Corrosion rate is low provided proper concentration and temperature is maintained.
    • More suited for temporary upset conditions compared to anodically protected coolers, will not rapidly corrode if velocity and temperature increases outside prescribed range.
    • No possibility of cooler damage due to failure of electrical parts since base material itself is corrosion resistant requiring no electrical power.
    Heat Recovery
    • Energy can be recovered from the acid circuit by heating process water.
    Advanced Material Of Construction
    • Manufactured from advanced material of construction that significantly reduces corrosion in acidic environment even at elevated temperatures.
    Most Thermally Optimal Design
    • Most thermally efficient design due to higher resistance against erosion and temperature fluctuations compared to anodically protected coolers.

Galiakotwala supplied its first shell and tube heat exchangers in 1987, the cooler continues to perform satisfactorily.