Galiakotwala Engineering Division

Galiakotwala Engineering Division


The Galiakotwala Engineering Division is a part of the Galiakotwala Group of Companies. Founded in 1923 as a small hardware trading firm, the Galiakotwala Group has enjoyed a long and reputed history spanning three generations. Over the years, we have expanded beyond hardware trading into multiple businesses spanning various geographies across the globe. Today, the group has interests in businesses as diversified as cotton trading, industrial and decorative paints, steel packaging containers, chemical plant equipment, distribution of electronics and property development. Along with geographical reach across India (we have offices in 23 cities), the group has engaged in significant international deals and forged collaborations with partners in over 20 countries worldwide.

Collaboration and Growth

Collaborations and alliances are integral to growth at Galiakotwala. The Galiakotwala Engineering Division has successfully collaborated with KOCH Engineering (U.S.A. – Italy) (1987-1997) and Monsanto (U.S.A.) (1997-2010). For both companies, Galiakotwala Engineering has been the sole manufacturer of Fiber Bed (candle) mist eliminators in India.

In the field of Sulphuric Acid equipment, Galiakotwala Engineering has fabricated equipment from corrosion resistant SX (UNS 32615) and many other Alloys for more than 25 years. We also represent many international Sulphuric Acid plant equipment suppliers.


At the Galiakotwala group, we follow the same principle to success as charted out by our group’s founding fathers that is to always strive to deliver the best quality product to the customer.

Likewise, at Galiakotwala Engineering, quality comes first. Galiakotwala Engineering was amongst the first companies in India to get an ISO 9001 certification in 1997. In addition, the company is currently pursuing Total Quality Management (TQM) and 5S quality systems.

Even before these certifications, the company has been diligently following best quality systems. Galiakotwala Engineering supplied the first shell and tube heat exchanger in India for Sulphuric Acid service in 1987. The cooler has been performing satisfactorily for more than 20 years. The long lasting performance of this equipment is just one of the many examples of the standard of quality that our products offer.

Research, Development and After Sales Service

Research and development is integral to the Galiakotwala culture. At Galiakotwala Engineering, we are constantly innovating designs and materials for applications in our field.

As a Galiakotwala customer, you will be assured to be exposed to the latest developments in our field, and avail of our quick and efficient after sales service.